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BeerSquat feat. Frederik Ceppo is new addictive mobile game from HoostBank. Coming soon!

Frederik @ IndieGogo

Frederik Ceppo is now at IndieGogo, click here to read more at IndieGogo

Current project - Adventures of Frederik Ceppo

Be an “ordinary" man from Finland who lives an extraordinary life in the town of Likajoki, Finland (In English, the town of Filth River)! You will soon notice that things start to go sour and you are the only Man who can save the future of the Citizens of your town.

What’s normal for Mr. Ceppo is abnormal for most of the planet's population. Point and click your way through a never seen, fun filled world, full of surprises along the way, solve exiting puzzles, see all the weird stuff that happens and save Ceppo and the town of Likajoki. You shall be lavishly rewarded!

Key features:
  • Humorous Point & Click adventure game
  • Unique world, explore Frederik’s home town, get to know all weird people around Frederik. Discover creepy mansion of mad scientist and reveal it’s secrets.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn art design
  • Meet numerous crazy characters
  • In order to progress you have to solve numerous puzzles ranging from helping friends to discover how strange machines work.

Game will be released on major desktop platforms (Windows, OS X), later Frederik will be seen also on mobile platform.

Development diary at http://www.frederikceppo.com

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